Foundational Marketing

Building Brands that Can Weather The Storm

Brand Building Starts With A Strong Foundation​

What Is Foundational Marketing?​

Take a moment and think about your house. There are countless elements of your house that are visible to the outside world: doors, windows, floors, paint colors, and so much more. These are the parts of your house that we are always looking to improve with home renovation projects to create the house we love. 

Think of these elements as brand advertising. From TV commercials to digital ads, social media posts, and website content, these are the parts of a brand that are visible to the outside world. 

What many organizations fail to realize is the importance of what is not often visible: a strong foundation that allows for the house to be built in the first place. 

We always start with the foundation

Why is Foundational Marketing Important?

From our experience, many brands can easily tell the story of “what” they do, but few can tell the story of “why” they do it. 

What makes their brand unique? What challenges are they looking to solve? Why should they be trusted in the first place? 

This is where Foundational Marketing comes into play. At Misnomer, we help brands lay the foundation that will support their growth, in both the short term and for years to come. 

After all, while nobody will compliment you for having a solid concrete slab under your house, they will be sure to notice if your walls begin to crumble.

How is the foundation built for success?

Foundational Marketing in Action

Our process stems from years of experience building brands that can scale, thrive, and disrupt their industries. 

Our goal is to create a playbook, one that answers the important questions that every organization needs to become part of their DNA:

We Solve Real Problems

what can we do for you?


At the heart of what we do is strategic brand development and go-to-market planning. Let's start building the foundation.

Digital Consulting

Have an agency already, but they need some additional strategic direction? Want to brainstorm new go-to-market tactics? We can help with that!

Demand Generation

We build marketing plans that drive revenue and customer acquisition. We track ROI, CAC:LTV, and other KPI's to ensure success is quantified.

Do you want to grow your business?

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