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Fractional CMO for Mission-Driven Startups

We have decades of experience helping organizations scale: increased brand awareness, revenue growth, fundraising, and acquisition.

Fractional CMO

We Create Strategies That Help Your Business Grow

As a Fractional CMO, we have helped multiple organizations better understand their brand, their product/market fit, and how sales and marketing organizations work together to drive revenue.

We focus on startups that are in need of foundational brand and marketing strategies, as well as established businesses that lack a comprehensive brand direction. 

Measurable Performance

Our Impact

Whether serving as a full-time marketing leader within an organization or as a Fractional CMO that partners with a growing company, the impact of our work speaks volumes.

Mergers & Acquisitions
3 Successful Exits
Venture Funds Raised
Over $390 Million Dollars
Total Acquisition/Exit
Over $1.65 Billion Dollars

What Makes Misnomer Unique?​

We focus on Foundational Marketing – think of it as the concrete slab of your house. While a beautiful kitchen and wood floors may get you compliments, without a solid foundation it can all come crashing down. 

We specialize in building brands and marketing strategies that will support the growth of the organization, both in the short term and for years to come. 

We Solve Real Problems

Our Capabilities Set Us Apart


At the heart of what we do is strategic brand development & go-to-market planning. As a Fractional CMO, this is where we get started.

Web Design​

We build custom WordPress sites, all with easy drag-and-drop capabilities for simple and straightforward updating and optimization.

Content Marketing​

Establish your company or leadership team as experts in their field by producing engaging content (that also drives SEO and PR efforts)!

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Our Experience

How We Got Here

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